Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ladies and gentlemen! God still performs miracles!
How do I know this you may ask? Because the Foster
Family blog has consecutive entries!!!

Actually, the miracle is that He allowed and empowered
us to complete our Christmas Album project!!!
Boy Named David (our "band") has been so blessed to work
in an amazing studio, with an amazing engineer over the
past couple of weeks! We are excited to have
With The Dawn available for friends and family to give
this Christmas season!

With The Dawn is composed of 7 original songs. Six songs
are for Christmas (with lots of traditional undertones) and
one is for our son and all the orphans of the world. It also
describes the experience of all who trust in Jesus (after all,
we were all spiritual orphans before receiving His
redeeming grace - John 14:18.)

The profits from this CD will help our family raise
the final money needed to bring our little boy home
from Ethiopia (early 2011)!!!! When making your
Christmas list this year, why not consider this gift
with an extra purpose? :)

***Coming soon... audio samples and a link to purchase.***

Or let us know you are interested, send us your email
and we will put you on the mailing list!

Boy Named David
Mike and Meg Foster and Adam and Christa Stein

We praise God for blessing us with Adam and Christa!!!
They are tremendous friends and partners in the work of
Christ! Without them, this project (and all others like it)
would be impossible! We are also so blessed by others
who trust the Lord enough and love us enough to jump
on projects like this!

With The Dawn also features:
Rachael Engert (vocals)
Nick Wright (lead guitar)
Josh Myers (percussions)
Chris Eakes (vocals, harmonica)
John Benson (bass)
Charis Foster (vocals)

Some studio pics ...

The studio was AMAZING... pictures do no justice!
This is Adam tracking on guitar while Josh works
his magic!

Mike and Adam. The Lord has brought these two friends
from high school to Himself and back together to serve Him!

Meg and our efforts to make it feel like Christmas in October...
what's funny is that we don't even do the Santa thing! Ha!

Beautiful Christa on the piano!

Sweet Charis singing God's promise to/for the orphan...

He'll life us up, He'll bring us through
Blessed are we when we trust in you
Day and night you are the same
When all our help is gone you will remain.

Glory be to God on High!!!!!!