Monday, December 6, 2010

Drive-In Movie... in December!?!

At this point, we have no children with birthdays in the summer. We have to be a bit creative with our parties since we can't just go outside and play! So, for Clay's 6th birthday we decided to invite a couple of buddies over to the "Foster's Drive-in". To kick off the party, each child had to design a car... a simple cardboard box... but so much fun. They spent almost an hour designing lisence plates, stereos, speedometers, fuel gauges and more! They all turned out very "cool" according to the boys!

Lucas (above) designing his stereo... complete with Green Day album! Aden (below) designing his license plates!

Meanwhile, Chef Foster assisted the boys in creating individual pizzas with lots of fun toppings of their choice. Chef Foster enjoyed a gourmet shrimp parmesan pizza (eww)!

The crew enjoying their pizzas and some silliness!

Clay and his buddy Jacob (above).
Clay and his buddy Mikey (below).

The cake. Each child got to choose a car (candy bars dipped in tinted white chocolate). And everyone shared the giant drive-in screen (rice crispy treat with edible photo). No one was interested in the chocolate dipped broccoli though...hmm?!
After cake it was time to enjoy the movie - The Star of Christmas (Veggie Tales). Each child sat in their homemade car to watch the movie. And, believe it or not, they did remain in their cars for the entire movie!
During the course of the night each child had the opportunity to earn 7 quarters for playing games, answering trivia questions, and even for using manners and listening. When the movie was half over we paused it for intermission. At this time, the children could pay a visit to the concessions stand... run by my girls! They could buy popcorn, juice pouches and candy. Yeah for math! Just had to squeeze some educational components into the evening :)

Back to finish the movie. But first Mike performed a little intermission entertainment... juggling Resse's Peanut Butter cups! The kids got a kick out of his act! After the movie was finished, they each wanted a turn performing... so we had an impromptu talent show! This was hilarious!!!

It is so hard to believe that Clay is 6!!! But it is also a completely wonderful, fun season of life! And what a blessing to prepare for this party with him! Happy Birthday Buddy!


  1. What a cool idea! You go mom!!


  2. Oh my Gosh Meg! I am an ART teacher and I never would have thought of such an amazing idea for a birthday party! YOU ROCK! And I agree with my dear friend Jamie -- YOU GO MOM! :)

  3. Oh, my goodness! What a great party! Nathan would LOVE this. His 4th birthday is next Tuesday, and he wants a car cake. He'll love cars that he can eat! I might have to steal your drive-in movie idea for a future birthday when he's older. Happy birthday, Clay!